• Global Leader in Communication Solutions

    Has provided core communication solutions to domestic and foreign mobile carriers

  • Private 5G Network

    Company’s own private network separated from commercial wireless network

  • Cloud-based 5G MEC Platform

    Various immersive service enabled by providing wireless radio stations
    with 5G infrastructure where distributed cloud computing technology is applied


    Innovative model for analysis/prediction is developed by combining AI technology
    with big data extracted from fields such as communication network, ad

ELUON Business Solution

5G Core

5G core solution that constitutes 5G wireless network as 5G access network does

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Private Network

Specialized network solution that allows companies/military/public institutions to use mobile communication services by deploying their own private network without using mobile operator's commercial network 

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MEC Platform

MEC Platform

Mobile Edge Computing is a technology that reduces congestion in the backhaul network, saves cost for controlling terminals and enhances user experience for immersive service by deploying contents and control functions close to terminals through wireless communication cloud technology

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AI & BigData

Based on a smart AI engine, create new value by collecting/analyzing high-quality big data owned by mobile operators

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