The New face in the Digital Era, ELUON

“ELUON” is a compound word made from the Korean word “eluda (to accomplish)”
and the Chinese character “溫 (warmth)” that is read as “on” in Korean.
It is a symbol for the principle of our corporation : to bring warmth to the world while developing into a successful business."

It is also an acronym of “Especially Light Ubiquitous On” which is a phrase
that holds the intention of our corporation to light the world ubiquitously through ELUON’s specialized technology.


The CI of ELUON is expressed as an arrow shape
that shows the corporation’s high vision toward the future and its image as a leader.
IT incorporates the ELUON’s determination to become a global leader in the mobile communication industry.

Its main color is ELUON Brown, and shows a soft but dignified image.
Through the use of creative color, we sustain a distinctive corporate image
and simultaneously express the pride in our unique technologies and products.