(Recruit) Sales General Manager


Sales General Manager


Job description

1.Meet clients & manage relationship

2.Create business opportunities

3.Create commercial proposals & negotiate

4.Manage sales & project management team

5.Self innovation and insight is mandatory


Current clients and projects

1.Telkomsel MyAds

  a.PO received, under development since Jan 2022

  b.Invoice after development finished (Aug 2022 & Dec 2022)

2.Indosat Offportal Ads

  a.Running since 2018

  b.Monthly invoice (regular & fixed amount)

  c.Opportunities for Change Requests

3.Melon RBT

  a.Running since 2008

  b.Annual maintenance contract for 2022 under negotiation (Target PO on May 2022)

  c.Annual CR contract under technical discussion



1.Private 5G Network Solution sales

  a.Possibilities in B2B department of telcos

  b.Possibilities in high secure organizations such as governments

2.Existing client management (relations and new projects)

3.IT product sales (hardware & software)

  a.Sell IT products customized for offices & factories.


    i.Network quality measurement

    ii.Weather forecasting solutions

    iii.Customized IoT devices

    iv.Machine performance measurement softwares

    v.New items are added continuously (outsourced, distributed, and/or self-developed)



1.Currently WFH (Work From Home) + WFO on needs only (office in South Jakarta)

2.Possibility to visit clients in Jabotabek area frequently in the future

3.English writing is preferred but not mandatory

4.Require CV in Bahasa Indonesia or English